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        Passive Component

        Products for Passive Component (MLCC-Capacitor)


        α–Screen is designed for next MLCC printing and the basement of alpha screen is ultra thin electroforming mesh that is made by Faithful’s in-house technology.It is suitable for flatness and thin thickness printing.

        The Comparsion of printing performance at different screen


        α-screen Printing Performance at differet priting parameters

          Condition A Condition B Condition C
        Snap off 0.8mm 0.6mm 0.6mm
        Printing Angle 70 70 70
        Printing Speed 150mm/sec 150mm/sec 150mm/sec
        Printing Pressure 0.15MPa 0.15MPa 0.1MPa
        Spreading 2.02um 3.36um 3.95um

        α-StenSol 2

        α–Stensol 2 is designed for MLCC printing in Mass production used, that it has integrated the ultra-thin electroforming mesh and metal foil, which characteristics are thin-flatness thickness printing ink, extremely low pattern deformation and long life(Over 100K Prints).

        Stencil Opening (Squeegee Side)

        Stencil Opening (Wafer Side)

        Printing Performance


        The Selection Table of Faithful's alpha type products

        Items Tranditional Screen α-screen α-StenSol 2
        Patten Shapness
        Ultra-Thin possiabilty X
        Total Pitch Control Ability X
        Multi- type opening design Possiabilty X

        ○ Excellent △ Normal X Bad

        Products for Passive Component (LTCC-Inductor)

        • Without any Emulsion Residue
        • Excellent Cpk of printing laydown
        • Low Printing Spreading
        • 30um Printing is Available
        • Long Life Screen
        • Low Hidden-Line issue

        Printing Performance

        E-StenSol Fine Line Test( Design Opening : 25-50um)

        The Comparsion of printing performance between E-Stensol and Tranditional Screen


        The Comparsion Table between E-StenSOL and Tranditional Screen

          E-StenSol Tranditional Screen (HS/S50018)
        Cost NT30,000 (36x36) N12,000 (36x36)
        Screen Life >40,000Prints (C/P: <NT0.75/Prints) 6,000~8,000prints  (C/P: NT1.5/Prints)
        Fine line limitation 25um >30um
        Pattern Deformation Stable  Easy to deform
        Pattern Shapness Shapness Worse
        Waste Save the paste and exchange screen time Easy to be broken and high changing screen times